Day One: New Year, New Me

I was invited to a Facebook group which gives you writing prompts for 31 days and calls itself the 31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge.  I love to write…I could use some self love….why not?

Day One: Write a self love letter or prayer or mantra (whatever that means).

It is New Year’s Eve which is basically a giant Sunday before the Monday that you start something big. Isn’t that always how it happens? “I’ll start my (diet/behavior/exercise program/project, etc) on Monday.” The New Year always comes with such hope and longing for new beginnings.  It’s a giant reset button to finally get your hot mess self together and act like an adult.

I always say I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because it’s so cliché.  This could also possibly be a cop out because I won’t have to face failures. However, one thing I would love to, no NEED to do differently this year is to love myself.  Not just accept but love. Not just resolving to be okay with myself, but learn to give grace every step of the way.  So on this new journey to love me, here is my letter to myself…

First of all breath. This mothering, wifing, friending, life-ing thing is hard. Just because it seems like everyone else feeds their kids kale smoothies after waking them up post 5 am workout, no one has it all together.  If everyone threw their problems in a pile, you would want to take yours back. Your littles won’t be little for long and you will mourn those hand prints on the mirror and the legos left on every square inch of the house. You will miss the incessant questions because they show the innocent wonder of a child. You will miss the tiny socks on the floor and even the big ones from your husband.

You know how you look at old picture and miss THAT body? Remember how you felt about your body when the picture was taken? We never enjoy or love what we have. Beauty seems to be something that is right out of our grasp. But what if you already possess it. Not past tense, but right now.  Not when you lose 20 more pounds, or when you get your sagging boobs fixed from nursing two babies, or when you repair your diastasis from carrying those miracles you so vigilantly prayed for. But right now. You ARE beautiful. You are a good mother. You are a good wife. You are a good friend. You are enough. You have abilities and gifts that God has given you that no one else was granted. Not in the exact same way, at least. You were put on this earth for a purpose and only YOU can fulfill it. Give grace as you go through this journey to love YOU. Look for the blessings and give thanks for them often. Gratitude  is what leads the way to having a life that you love. Being in a body that you love.  Accepting your destiny and the roles you were born to fill.  Focus on the beauty, focus on the love, the rest will fall into place.

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